Case Studies

Here are some examples of how we have helped people in the community change their lives for the better;

Case Study One

‘A’ had immigration issues and has been unable to access HIV services after moving to Nottingham from London. We help them transfer their immigration file to the a Nottinghamshire immigration lawyer and got them register with HIV services. 18 months later the Home Office decided to grant them ILR permanent residence in the UK. They became UK Citizen and now works at the University and do higher education.

Case Study Two

‘C’ was a refused asylum seeker with nursing experience from Africa. We took her as one of our volunteer and she access many training opportunities we provide. She has since received access to nursing UK qualifications. She got her immigration status, obtained a master degree in public health and HIV. We are certain that she will fully contribute to Nottingham and the UK economy.

Case Study Three

‘E’ joined our services and was struggling to get a job in their IT qualification. The work in HIV and sexual health change them and the way they planned future. They have now done a master degree programme and works in health care.

Case Study Four

‘B’ family was very unsure of their benefit entitlements as EU citizen and had little English language. We help them access ESOL classes, access full benefit, a school for their two children and they have now secured full employment post and full UK driving license.

Case Study Five

‘D’ Received their HIV diagnosis on pregnancy. It was a very challenging time and life seemed impossible. We work through many issues they had. They have move on very well with a wonderful child who is HIV negative, they have a full time job and have been visiting Africa to support people who live with HIV.

About Us

AISD is a volunteer, African-led, community organisation that enables Africans to access health services..


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